Import Beers $4.50
Modelo 2XX Amber
Negra Modelo 2XX Lager
Carta Blanca Corona
Pacifico Corona Light
Heineken Bohemia
Domestic Beers
Coors Miller and Lite
Geniune Draft MGD Light
Budweiser Bud Light
Sharps O’Doul’s
Merlot, Zinfendel, Cabernet, Chardonay, Lambrusco, Sangria
Margaritas - 12 oz. Glass
Lime Juice, Triplesec and a touch of Sweet & Sour - Add Gran Marnier $1.50
Pitchers available, ask your server for prices
Premium Margarita
(Rocks Only)
Don Julio, Casadores, Tres Generaciones, Centenario, Patron, Herradura and 1800
Pitcher $38 - 1/2 Pitcher $22
Blue Moon Margarita
(Rocks Only)
White tequila, Triplesec, Lime juice and Blue Curacao
Fresca Margarita
(Rocks Only)
White tequila, Triplesec, Sweet & Sour, 50/50 Soda and a hint of Lime
Regular Lime Margarita
(Rocks or Blended)
Pitcher $24 - 1/2 Pitcher $14
Botanas Original Margarita
(Rocks Only)
Milagro, Sauza, Hornitos or Cuevo Tradicional
Pitcher $30 - 1/2 Pitcher $17
Fruit Margaritas & Daiquiris
(Rocks or Blended)
Strawberry, Raspberry, Blue Curacao, Banana, Midori Melon, Peach, Watermelon, Banana, Mango and Passion Fruit
Pitcher $28 - 1/2 Pitcher $16
Rainbow Margarita
(Blended Only)
Strawberry, Raspberry, Lime & Blue Curacao
Pitcher $30 - 1/2 Pitcher $17
Easy or No ice prices vary on all our drinks and pitchers - ask your server for more information please...
Piña Colada $6.75
Tequila Sunrise $6.25
Rail Drinks Short $6.00
Rail Drinks Tall $9.00
(Coke, Diet, Sprite, Orange, Root Beer and Squirt)
Sprecher Root Beer $2.75
Coffee $1.75
Ice Tea $1.75
(Lemonade, Orange, Cranberry, Papaya, Pina)
(mexican rice water)
This summer enjoy dinning outdoors on our covered or open air seating patio.
"Come for the fun"

Sunday - Thursday 11am - 10pm
Friday and Saturday 11am - 11pm

816 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204
Sorry, No Reservations.
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